Issue 36

And In This Corner...


                And now, our main event of the evening, the one you’ve all been waiting for.

                In this corner, weighing 24 pounds and the soiled diaper, it’s...Skylar “Wiggle” Worm!  And in the opposite corner, definitely not picking on someone his own size, it’s…Ready-For-Bed Daddy!

                And there’s the bell, Jim.

                Looks like Dad’s going for the quick removal of the sleeper, Fred.  He’s already letting Skylar stand on the sink and hang onto the towel rack.

                You’re right, Fred, but usually Dad leaves that to the end when he’s trying to put the sleeper back on.  He must be mixing his strategy up just to distract Skylar.

                And it seems to be working, Jim.  He’s already got both legs off.

                Look at the quick hands on Dad, Fred.  He’s just ripped open the three buttons on the onesy.  This doesn’t bode well for Skylar.

                I wouldn’t be so sure, Jim.  The little guy is just biding his time.  He probably does find that towel rack interesting, but that won’t last long.

                Dad’s got the diaper down...and there’s a poopie!  Dad looks like he’s going for a record time tonight.  Oh no. He forgot to have a diaper and wipe ready.  That’s going to cost him.

                This just might be the break Skylar’s been waiting for.  Dad’s down to one hand as he reaches into the diaper drawer…Oh!  Did you see that?  Skylar’s dropped to his butt on the changing towel!  What a mess!

                Dad’s lifted Skylar and thrown the towel to the floor.  Looks like he’s going to deal with it later.  And now he’s wrestling with Skylar...did he?...No!  Dad’s managed to keep his shirt clean!

                This is an exciting match, Jim.  Dad’s swooped in with the wipe and...he’s underestimated Skylar’s strength.  He’s going to need another wipe.

                If I know this little guy, we can expect...yes!  He’s starting to pitch a fit!  Look at him squirm! Dad’s got his hands full just trying to keep Skylar from flying off the sink and cracking his head on the tile floor.

                Whoa!  Did you see that?  Skylar scored an Inner Nose Gouge!  That’s gotta hurt.

                It’s doesn’t look like Dad’s bleeding, so this match is still anybody’s game.

                Dad’s getting ready to put the fresh diaper on.  Do you think he’ll try for a laying down position, Jim?

                He’d have to be a fool, Fred.  That maneuver hasn’t worked for weeks.

                The diaper’s in position.  Jim, those legs are looking pretty tight to me.

                Dad’s got a couple of options here.  He can do a thigh or neck tickle or...

                What a move!  He’s putting the diaper on from behind!  Skylar didn’t even see it coming!

                Skylar’s trying to crawl away but Dad’s got his leg pinned down with his elbow.  He’s not going anywhere.

                Dad’s looking good, Jim.  Most professionals try to get the straps into the right position the first time, but Dad goes for just getting them on.  Some folks say he loses time having to readjust the velcro, but he finds it easier once the diaper’s already on.

                And it seems to be working for Dad, Fred.  It’s only been fifteen minutes and he’s already got the diaper on.  And the onesy is buttoned back up in a breeze.  But you know what they say.  It all comes down to the sleeper.

                We haven’t seen much action out of Skylar tonight.  I wonder when he’s going to...Wait!  It looks like Skylar’s going to his knees.  Dad’s got to tip him onto his back to get any leverage…Fantastic!  Skylar’s pulled a half twist!  If Dad grabs one leg, he spins the opposite direction.  What a fight!

                Fred, Dad is in trouble.  The sleeper is already twisted around Skylar in a knot.  And look, Skylar’s made a grab for the cold water faucet.  If he can soak the sleeper, it’s all over.

                Jim, I think Skylar’s been saving it all to the end.  Listen to that crowd!

                Beautiful move by Skylar!  He bats the knob and the cold water blasts into the sink just inches away.  This could be it.

                Oh!  Dad’s got him by the foot for a Belly Drag with Skylar kicking and screaming the whole way.  He’s back on his feet and Dad’s got the tough leg into the sleeper.  This match can’t be far from over.

                Wait!  Dad’s pulled a bottle out of a drawer.  And Skylar goes down for the count as Dad zips the sleeper. 

                Well that just about wraps it up as Dad claims another victory.

                Fred, I hear Skylar’s already demanding a rematch when he wakes up at 6:30 tomorrow morning.

                That promises to be a good fight, Jim.  Be sure to tune in, folks.  We’ll see you there!


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