All Other Published Work

Satirical Articles:

The Chairmanís Corner, excerpted from Hellís Annual Report to Stakeholders, The Door, Nov/Dec 2000

The Memo From Heaven to Hell on the Unexcommunication of Galileo, The Door, May/June 2000

Teleworshiping: Rome Oversees Catholic E-Church, The Door, Jan/Feb 2000

Is Your Rapture Y2K Compliant?, The Door, Nov/Dec 1999

Technical April Foolís:

Add a little color to your life, EDN, March 30, 2000

IC design: form and function, EDN, March 30, 2000


Ghostwritten Books:

Beer for Pete's Sake: The wicked adventures of a brewing maverick

Pete Slosberg, Peteís Wicked Ale

Brewers Publications, Boulder Colorado, 1998