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Technical Articles:


Part I: OC-48, OC-192, and beyond, November 9, 2000

Part II: OC-48, OC-192, and beyond, November 9, 2000

Recipe for success: how fast table-lookup makes high speed communications possible, October 12, 2000

DWDM: feeding our insatiable appetite for bandwidth, September 1, 2000

Securing the wireless World Wide Web, August 17, 2000

Getting soft on baseband and broadband modems, July 20, 2000

Looking under the surface of fingerprint scanners, June 5, 2000

Stepping down to 8-bits, May 11, 2000

Voice over packet: putting it all together, March 16, 2000

The Internet-audio (r)evolution, February 3, 2000

Device connectivity: a whole new set of secret handshakes, January 6, 2000

Network processors: The sky’s the limit, November 24, 1999

Algorithm and system-level development tools expand your palette, September 30, 1999

How It Works: Some data is more equal than other data, September 30, 1999

Is MPEG-2 encoding ready for prime time?, August 5, 1999

Speech recognition: It's not what you say; it's how you say it, June 24, 1999

Wireless standards vie for your app, May 13, 1999

EnCRyPtiON: more than just complex algorithms, March 18, 1999


Multimedia Systems Design

Audio Codecs: An Uneasy Marriage, December, 1998

Java for Internet Appliances, August, 1998

A Brief Look at Media Processors, July, 1998

EDA and Multimedia: The Art of Balance, June, 1998

Finding the Right DSP, April, 1998

Flash: Making its way into the Mainstream, March, 1998

The Thrill of the Hunt: An MPEG-1 and –2 Decoders Buyer’s Guide, November, 1997


Network Magazine

21st Century Delivers Quality Service With Java, June, 1998

Network Health Remedies Frame Relay Bottlenecks, April, 1998


Embedded Systems Programming

The New Little Man in the Refrigerator: A DSP Buyer’s Guide, September, 1997

Special Report: Buying a Single Board Computer, May, 1997

Special Report: A Look At DSP Development Tools, April, 1997

Special Report: Real-Time Operating Systems, March, 1997

Special Report: A Look at C and C++ Compilers, February, 1997

Special Report: Flash Memories: Plenty of Cheese, No Mice?, January, 1997

Special Report: What’s My Line? Device Programmers, December, 1996

Special Report: Taking Off the Gloves: 16- and 32-Bit Microprocessors, November, 1996

Special Report: Keep Your Eyes On the Bug: In-Circuit Emulators, September, 1996

Special Report: There’s Always a Platypus: A Brief Taxonomy of Logic Analyzers, August, 1996

Special Report: Software Debuggers, June, 1996

Special Report: Data Acquisition Boards, May, 1996


Communication Systems Design

DSP Board Buyer’s Guide, April, 1997

King Flash: A Memory IC Buyer’s Guide, March, 1997

The Importance of Being Bert, January, 1997

RF ICs: Power Amplifier Buyer’s Guide, December, 1996

Buyer’s Guide to Transceiver ICs, November, 1996

The Art of Buying DSP Boards, October, 1996

Buyer’s Guide to Communication Processors, September, 1996

Arbitrary Waveform Generators: Getting Definitive Results, August, 1996

Electronic Palindromes: Converting A/D-D/A, July, 1996

A Look at ESDA Tools, Communication Systems Design, June, 1996

The Wonderful World of ASICs, May, 1996

DSP Development Tools Buyer’s Guide, April, 1996


Modern Machine Shop

DNC: Faster and Better, Part Two, December, 1995

DNC: Faster and Better, Part One, November, 1995


Electronic Design:

Flag Management Made Easy, August 21, 1995

Low-Priority Intermittent Task Model, August 8, 1994


Technology Articles:


Joined effort, December 2000

Vulnerable transactions, November 2000

You say you want a revolution?, June 2000

Throwing voices: the voice-over-data revolution, April, 2000



Multimedia Systems Design

Miracles, December, 1998

Real Life, November, 1998

Art, October, 1998

Multimedia, September, 1998

Expression, August, 1998

Irregardless, July, 1998

Belief, June, 1998

Balance, May, 1998

Spring, April, 1998

DirectPerception, March, 1998

Freedom of Speech, February, 1998

Improving Your Game, January, 1998

Work, November, 1997


Embedded Systems Programming Annual Buyer’s Guide Issues

Open Season, 1997

Multiplicity, 1996



"Design Tools for Multimedia Engineering Panel", DSP World/ICSPAT, September 13-16, 1998

"DSP Development Tools Panel", Communication Design Engineering Conference/DSP World Spring Design Conference, March 25-27, 1997

"Emulating Your Embedded System on a PC", Proceedings of the Embedded Systems Conference, September 18, 1996, p.657-668

"Language Translation for Existing Systems: Maintenance Versus Process", Proceedings of the Second Annual Portable By Design Conference, February 13-17, 1995, p. 264-280