Nicholas Cravotta

V:510-558-8906, F:510-558-8914,

Technical Resume


Fadal Engineering, July 1985 January 1996

$200 million/year manufacturer of industrial controls (VMCs).


Project Manager within self-managed design team. Responsible for entire design process, from identifying and defining needs, to integrating and implementing software, to overseeing documentation and educating training department. Also responsible for product release management.

Languages: Assembly, Visual C++, MFC, BASIC, PL/M, Pascal

Environments: Dos, Windows, ICE, Embedded

Selected Project Descriptions:

The following are projects for which I have been responsible for at least 90% of software design and management, in addition to at least 50% of critical coding.

Embedded Systems Development:

Embedded OS: designed from ground up. Includes interrupt-level drivers, I/O function library, disassembler/debugger, test suite, back-doors, and security keys.

Background Editing: allows simultaneous editing and machining of a user program. Required nested menuing system, specialized program editor, and real-time multi-tasking of system resources.

Conversational Programming: interface to assist user-program creation with graphics. Required research of customer needs, design of graphics tools, and seamless integration with existing system.

Customer Applications:

Emulator: emulates VMC on PC using embedded code. Required redesign of entire I/O structure and user interface. Added 3-D graphics.

Analyzer: utility for compression and smoothing of point-to-point programs written for the VMC. Project increased Direct Numerical Control (DNC) rate from 150 blocks/second to 1000 blocks/second by overcoming real-time mechanical limitations. Nearest competitor achieves 400 blocks/second.

CNC Memory Manager: real-time high-speed communications software between VMC and PC. Required design and creation of in-house GUI tools.

Camtrak: utility for wrapping 2-D mappings around cams. Implemented without overwhelming users or requiring knowledge of process.

Fixture Verification System: Windows-based executive for controlling external electronic fixture tester via serial port.


Foreign Language Conversion Utility: translates embedded system into five languages, including a symbolic Chinese within a text environment.

BASIC Compiler/Interpreter/User-Macro Engine: solid design of compiler resulted in later reuse of 95% of the code to implement a user-macro engine within embedded system.

Build System: proprietary utilities automate embedded system creation.

x85 Conversion: ported embedded system to x86 chip set.

Final Projects:

16Mbyte Memory Expansion Board: integration of new hardware with embedded system. Required revised memory paradigm while maintaining backwards compatibility, and had to pass rigorous testing to guarantee integrity of customer data.

Porting of VMC to Lathe: in charge of bringing new lathe product alive reusing as much code as possible from existing products in order to a) reduce time-to-market; and b) maintain cross-product look-and-feel.


University of California, Los Angeles: BA in Philosophy, 3 years core Electrical Engineering background

California State University, Northridge: Pursued MA in Recreation and Leisure Studies


5-Time winner Rockwell International Computer Contest:

Grand prize, 2 First place, 2 Second place

Fourth place Creative Computing International Programming Contest

UCLA Computer Team:

2 years National Finalists ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

UCLA Gold Shield Academic Scholarship (highest award)

Positions Held:

Founder, Sparrow Creek Inc.

Committee-level positions on 6 international media conventions

Guest of Chinese government, 1986, for helping raise $90,000 for the Giant Panda

Volunteer: Starlight Foundation, Betty Clooney Foundation, literacy tutoring