Unpublished Works



Pandora’s Box
The Greatest Adventurers


Toasters in Bondage
The $42 Million Dollar Assassination
Avenging Angel
Woman’s Best Friend

For Young Adults:

The Zucchini War
Dioge and Brizby Save the World
I Hate Bill
The Day of Trees
The World’s Greatest Detective
Meeting Mr. Roberts

For Children:

The Eagle and the Silverfish
No More Dragons Left to Slay

Short Stories:

"The Best Decision"
"The Blue Rose"
"By the Phone"
"Desperate Measures"
"The Fruits of Dissent"
"The Key to Happiness"
"The Kraken"
"No Regrets"
"Only God Would Know"
"Spy Out"
"True Love Never Dies"
"A Typical Knight"